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In this document we describe how your information is collected and used. We also give information about what may be provided in various channels connected to Équilibre, including so-called ‘cookies’. We make sure not to gather more information than necessary for the site to function properly and for us to know how it’s used t in general (we do not track you as single person!). We tried our best to make the document as approachable as possible.

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Terms & conditions

Here we talk more generally about the terms of use for our website and other channels, including the area we currently work in, the accuracy of information provided, and our intellectual property. There is also part about users’ obligations and responsibilities.’ If you have any questions about these terms, contact us.

our terms of use (PDF)

We use cookies on this website to help make your browsing faster, easier, and more pleasant. If you want to learn more, see our privacy policy - we give more detail about what information is used and how.